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Our manufacturing facility is registered with the Drug Controller of Asian Nation.


We maintain the highest standards of working and processing to deliver the best and purest quality products.

Different Hair Shades


*Suggestive Packaging And Customised Packaging available.

We manufacture and export a wide range of high quality products which include Henna powder, 100% natural hair colours, henna based ammonia free hair colours and pure Indian herbs.

In addition, we offer our clients the facility of Customised/Suggestive Labelling where in they can market our products under their desired brand names.

Safe Packaging

The packaging of the products is done in a double layer pouch such that the inner seal protects the product from impurities and preserves freshness. Similarily, the outer protective foil protects the product from harmful light which in turn keeps the products safe to store.

Also, the outer colour of these packs can be chosen from the wide options that we have. The standardized packaging is done in packs with their size ranging from 50gms, 100gms, 500gms to 1kg. Therefore, the products are easy to store and handle.

Henna Powder and Paste

Welcome To Skon Henna

Skon Henna offers a varied range of herbal products, including, Pure Henna Powder, 100% Natural Hair Colours, Henna Based Ammonia Free Hair Colours and Indian Herbs. The Natural Colours are completely free of chemicals and also the products with low quantities of chemicals are safe for use. In addition, they are pure, gentle and the ingredients used are of the highest quality only. The variety of herbs available are known because of their immediate benefits for hair and skin. Above all, we maintain high levels of hygiene while processing and packing all our products.

Assured Quality, 100% Natural Product, Safe Working Seals

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