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7 Advantages of Natural Hair Colors

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Natural Hair Colour Benefits - Skon Henna


Nowadays a lot of people love to colour their hair, both men or women. Do you also love to colour your tresses? Or do you have to colour your gray hair? Or try a new look? But the main concern is about exposing your hair to all the harsh and toxic chemicals like — ammonia, formaldehyde, sodium laurel sulphates, and parabens in most hair dyes and that definitely stops you. Natural hair colours are the way to achieve the same without harming your hair. Natural hair dyes are made using natural ingredients which give you multiple benefits in addition to fulfilling the objective of colouring hair. These are filled with all essential nutrients which help in deeply nourishing the hair and giving your tresses a new look altogether!

However, not all brands are as natural as they claim to be. Therefore, you should check the ingredients carefully. It can contain some amount of peroxide or PPD. Do not go for products which say “Permanent Hair Dye” as it is not possible to create a permanent colour without the use of toxic chemicals.

Natural Hair Colours have numerous nourishing properties and have no side effects. The natural hair dye also helps in covering your grays and curing your hair related problems like split ends and hair fall naturally. Here are a few benefits of using natural hair dye –

1) Colour your hair with no chemical and more natural ingredients.

Nature has given us a number of benefits, it can be related to your face, skin or hair. Nature has never disheartened us with its scope of natural cures. Natural hair dyes are composed of various natural ingredients like vegetables and are chemical-free. They enrichen and provide essential nutrition required by hair. Go natural by switching to natural hair dyes and make a healthy choice. This will give you peace of mind and healthy coloured hair.

2) Natural Hair Colour covers the gray hair with no side effects.

Grays are a serious hair issue caused by ageing, or some deficiency in youngsters so this organic hair colour helps best in covering the greys with no/ minimum side effects.
Natural hair colours are free from ammonia, parabens, PPD, sulphate and several other chemicals included in other hair dyes which damage the growth and the quality of your hair.

3) Deeply conditions and nourishes hair strands from the core.

Natural hair colours act as great friends for hair as they protect the integrity of your internal hair fibres. Organic and herbal nutrients help in nourishing the hair strands from its core and provides the required nutrients to the scalp. It also deeply conditions the hair and helps in making it voluminous.

4) Cure the existing hair problems.

Natural hair dye cures existing hair problems like hair split ends, dandruff, hair fall, breakage, dryness, etc. naturally. The use of natural hair colours results in leaving the hair shiny and thick.

5) Suitable for all hair types.

Natural hair dye is suitable for hair types, be it curly, wavy, straight, thick or thin. It is herbal and organic in nature, thus its ingredients do not contain any irritant which can cause an allergic reaction and the shade lasts longer and fades out gradually so it is suitable for all hair types. Natural hair colour treats dryness, itchiness and make the locks smooth.

6) Minimal environmental impact.

Natural hair colours are made up of sun-dried plants, leaves, vegetables and flowers which later on harvested and crushed into a fine powder. Natural hair colours are 100% biodegradable and free from all kinds of chemical, hence, are eco-friendly.

7) Available in a variety of colour shades.

Natural hair colours come in a variety of shades that give you an option to choose from a wide range of herbal hair colours.
At Skon Henna, 100% natural hair colours are available in –

Natural Hair Colours - Skon Henna

  • Herbal wine red
  • Herbal soft black
  • Herbal orange
  • Herbal light brown
  • Indigo
  • Herbal brown
  • Herbal dark brown
  • Herbal rose brown

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