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Welcome to Skon Herbal Henna

Skon Henna is a Jaipur based, manufacturing and export house for hair care products.
As an export house, we hold more than 30 years of experience in the business where we have catered to the clients all across the globe, ranging from countries like Japan, England, Chile, Johannesburg, Germany, Spain, Australia, London, New York, to name a few.
Skon Henna is a new extension of our business and with our roots based in Rajasthan, the Henna capital of India, we take complete pride in the product.

Henna is a natural plant and is the purest, safest and the most natural way of enhancing the colour of hair. It not only adds to the look of hair but also nourishes them and acts as a conditioner.

Organic Henna Powder Green Fields - Skon Henna

We Use The Highest Quality Henna Leaves

We are committed to produce the highest quality of henna based hair colour products, combined with the goodness of natural elements.Our range of products includes 100% pure henna powder, combination of henna with other herbs, 100% natural hair colours and henna-based, ammonia free hair colors that give results quickly and easily.

Additionally, we also process the highest quality of different Indian herbs that enhance and nourish the hair. Our knowledge, research and the expertise of our trained professionals, has helped us reach out to the markets across the globe. We source and use only the best quality of henna plant, from the richest farms of India to preserve the richness of the colour.

While the natural colour that henna leaves behind is largely a tint of red, it varies on the natural hair colour and can be used with other ingredients to produce variations.

About Our Products


We conduct extensive research, using the purest natural ingredients and technology to manufacture hair care products in different combinations. Largely our product range includes:

Because our hair colours are enriched with the goodness of natural ingredients, they not only leave a lasting colour but also leave the hair nourished, healthy and shining!


Procure, Test, Process, Customize

We use only the highest quality of Henna leaves for all our processes. These will always be more fresh, green and rich in their components to provide maximum enrichment to hair and prevent any damage. The best quality of henna also preserves the richness of colour.

We procure, test, process, customise and pack the products to best suit the requirements and also make sure that the goodness of the natural ingredients is not lost. We further use high quality packaging material, which is not only visually appealing but also protects the packed ingredients.

Our Henna powder is three layer shifted, hence filtered.

The process that we follow for the manufacture of our Pure and Natural Henna Powder can be classified as:

  • Picking of Henna Leaves from the native fields.
  • Sorting the leaves to remove all the low quality/infected leaves.
  • Sieving of leaves to further get rid of all impurities, in any.
  • Grinding of the leaves in the machines with the supervision of our technicians.
  • Further sieving of the grinded henna powder to make if absolutely fine and pure.
  • Filling the standardised packets with the powder, weighing them and sealing this inner packaging.
  • Further packaging of the pouches in the aluminium foil pouches, chosen by the buyer.
  • Final packing of the pouches in the cartons, ready to be shipped.

Apart from the manufacturing of the products, we also excel at:

  • Customer Service
  • Logistics for safe and timely delivery of the products
  • Research and Development
  • Maintaining strict quality standards
  • Well defined Process


Highest Quality Packaging Material

Packaging - Skon Henna

The packaging of the products is done in a double layer pouch such that the inner seal protects the product from impurities and preserves freshness and the outer protective foil protects the product from harmful light. The outer colour of these packs can be chosen from the wide options that we have.

Pouch Sizes -Skon Henna

The standardized packaging is done in packs with their size ranging from 50gms, 100gms, 500gms to 1kg.

Apart from the standardised packaging procedures followed for the best needs of the project, the overall packaging can be customised as per the requirements of the client and their brands. We strive for constant improvement and growth and work to cater to the customized requirements of our clients and in-turn aim to establish long and lasting relations with them.

Our Story

Our story of venturing into this business began with a simple observation! We heard a lot about how a lot of people in our immediate family and friends would dye their hair or wanted to add a spark to their personality by getting their hair coloured. However, almost everyone complained about the after-effects. There is hair fall, hair gets dry, the colour doesn’t last, which leaves one with no option but to re-dye the hair at frequent intervals, adding to further damage. That’s how we started researching better substitutes to this problem and this led to the birth of Skon Henna.

We are now established as a certified company with a high level of standards in the process, which begins from procurement of henna to the final packaging. We not only provide the best quality of products in its purest form but also keep thriving for constant improvement.

We carefully monitor our entire supply chain. Even at the growing and procurement stage, the plants and different herbs are taken care of by trained professionals. This includes the local farmers who are the best at nurturing the plants as this is what they have grown up with since generations. As they say, some things are best left to the natives.

Our in-house facilities are also well maintained and we constantly educate ourselves and each other at all levels, starting from the Director to the worker to keep in pace with the changing trends and also to research to provide better and more varied products to our customers.

Our Values

  • We believe in maintaining a work culture that can provide opportunities for growth for all individuals. We aim not just to work at our business but also value the association that every individual has with us. We constantly try to improve the quality of life, especially for those who are a part of our processing team. Sometimes, this happens as small instances. A women worker feels empowered; sometimes the team becomes the family for a worker to share moments of joy and sorrow. But this is the energy that keeps us going and we make us stronger.
  • We maintain high levels of hygiene at our units. We believe cleanliness is a mindset and awareness about your surroundings further enhances productivity at work. Unless the workplace feels comfortable to all, the highest levels of efficiency cannot be attained.
  • We hold respect for all individuals. We feel that small gestures like addressing people at all levels with a Ji added after their name is enough to make them feel valued. (In the Indian culture, generally adding a Ji as a suffix to people’s first/last name is considered as a mark of respect).

Our Vision

We believe in client satisfaction and are driven to provide them not just the highest quality of products but also the best services in terms of order handling, processing and handling after-sales queries, with regards to the use of the product. We firmly believe in the power of organic and natural living and this forms our basis of spreading the idea of using natural products for all-purpose of everyday living. We keep our working simple and well managed to maintain high efficiency in our deliveries.

Our Leadership

The philosophy of the company has been laid down by the Director of the company. He is a firm believer in the Buddhist philosophy and its chant, NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO. The practice makes his vision stronger into developing pure and natural products that provide benefit to people across the globe.

He draws his strength from the chant and this, in turn, spreads positive energy across the company, and also reflects in the products that the company offers. The company totally stands for quality, purity and ethical work practices.

He has single-handedly grown the parent company to be known as one of the most successful export houses in Jaipur. With his strong will and determination, he aims to take Skon Henna to even greater heights.

Why choose us?

Skon Henna, is headquartered in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

location-icon-greenKasi International,

D-244, Devi Marg, Bani Park,
Jaipur – 302016,
Rajasthan, India

GST Number: 08ABLPN3952C1ZM

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