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Precautions To Take While Applying Henna On Hair

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Henna is the leaves of a plant that is dried and crushed and used as a dye. It can be used to colour hair and also cover the greys. Henna is a natural hair dye used by men and women for generations. Using henna for colouring hair can provide various benefits to the hair. Henna accelerates hair growth and prevents hair loss. It also treats dandruff by nourishing the hair deeply.

Application of henna on hair is not that difficult but sometimes it can get a little messy. Thus, it’s very important to keep a few things in mind and take precautions before starting off with the application otherwise you can end up having a great mess.

Here are a few precautions that you need to take while applying Henna on your hair –

Applying Henna On Hair - Skon Henan

1. Do not forget to wear Hand Gloves.

You want to dye hair with Henna but do not forget to wear gloves on your hands. Henna contains the ingredients that are so enriched with the color particles and will stain your hand for a longer period of time.
Using henna directly without the use of color will fill your nail corners with stain and that be harmful to the health. The minimum time of this stain to remain on the hand after applying Henna dye is 4-5 days.

2. Use Hair Brush.

The natural property of henna nourishes the hair from the core. This nourishment is only possible if the henna elements reach the scalp of the hair and this would be only possible if you dye your hair with a brush. A brush will help condition the hair deeply and provide all the nutrients to the scalp that make your hair healthy and shiny.

3. Put Vaseline or any other petroleum jelly on your hairline.

Henna is a 100% pure natural dye that colours each strand of the hair. Henna can leave a stain on your hairline or ears. Moisturize your forehead, ear, and neck portion properly with vaseline to prevent it from staining. Vaseline creates a shield on your face that prevents it from staining.

4. Use a stainless steel bowl to mix Henna powder.

Earlier, people used iron bowls for mixing henna with another ingredient as it helps in releasing dye. Now as stainless steel is easily available in the market so it can be the best alternative of the iron bowl. Do not use plastic bowl because plastic bowls are porous and the color will stain the bowl.

5. Always do a patch test.

Henna is a herbal dye which is made up of all the natural ingredients and it is suitable for all hair type. But it is suggested that always do a patch test on a small portion before applying any dye on hair. A patch test will assure you whether the dye is good for your hair or not. It might possible that the scalp is suffering from any type of allergy. Thus it is always good to do a patch test.

6. Apply henna on clean hair.

Cleaning Hair - Skon Henna

You should apply henna on clean hair. Shampoo your hair before applying henna so as to remove dirt and cleanse the scalp. After washing your hair, dry your hair with a towel or hairdryer properly. But do not apply conditioner as it will prevent henna from penetrating into the roots properly.

7. Cover your hair with a plastic wrap.

When your hair is fully covered with henna, wrap your hair with a plastic sheet around your hairline and completely cover your hair and the top of your head. Don’t cover your ears. You can use a shower cap also. It keeps the henna warm and moist, and will allow it to set.

8. Rinse your hair with conditioner to remove henna from hair.

Use conditioner to wash off henna from hair. This will help to loosen the paste and wash it off completely. Continue conditioning and rinsing till the paste come out of the hair and water runs clear. Use gloves while doing so too.

9. Make sure you don’t have scalp wounds.

You should not apply henna if your scalp is wounded or infected in any way. Applying hair on wounded scalp can lead to more problems. Wait till the infection or wound is cured and then apply henna to the hair.

10. Your last colour application.

Wait for at least 6 months to dye your hair with henna if you have recently applied a chemical-based hair dye on your hair otherwise it may cause harm to your hair and scalp leading to hair loss and other hair-related problems.

11. Be prepared for the smell.

You should be aware that henna will make the hair smell, even after washing the tresses with shampoo. Therefore, be prepared to smell entirely of henna for a week.

12. Avoid using Henna if you have a cold.

Do not apply henna on hair if you have a cold because henna provides a cooling sensation to your hair and head which can further worsen you cold.

13. Protect your skin and clothes.

Wear old clothes and use an old towel to cover your shoulders as henna can stain your skin and clothes.

Follow these precautions while applying henna on hair. Keep these few things in mind and dye your hair naturally without creating a mess!
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