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Better Hair Care with Henna, Naturally.

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Care for hair, the natural way

A lustrous, shiny and healthy mane is what most people aspire for; after all your hair is your crowning
glory! The condition of your hair and scalp is also often indicative of the state of your overall health and
wellbeing. Increasingly stressful days and a hectic lifestyle nowadays, have an adverse effect on hair and
skin. Constantly pumping in chemicals and loads of artificial ingredients via hair dyes and hair care
products can leave your hair dry and brittle as well.

It’s time to take a step back and rediscover ancient remedies. With the need for natural and organic
solutions on the rise, what better way to nourish your hair, than with an age old beauty secret like henna.

Henna has been used since centuries for hair color, hair care and adornment and for good reason!
Grooming and hair care establishments, professionals and salons all over the world are reintroducing
themselves to the magical benefits of this fragrant and potent plant product, in the form of hair packs,
powders, treatments, henna hair dyes and more, often enhanced by the addition of other beneficial herbs.

Let’s take a look at a few of the great benefits that organic henna provides for overall hair health:
• Helps with hair growth: Not just a vibrant means to color your hair, the use of organic henna is
said to boost hair growth as well! Application on the hair stimulates your follicles and is also said
to help maintain healthy pH levels to help in curtailing hair loss.

• Safer alternative for hair color: The use of henna as a hair dye or henna powder as part of a
natural hair dye is a safer, more natural way to add some luster and beautiful color to your hair,
without an overload of artificial chemicals and preservatives. Henna is a fabulous alternative for
those looking to enhance hair color with rich shades and hues of lustrous red. It is a lot more cost
effective as well.

• Protects the hair: Since henna is not penetrative, it coats each hair strand and helps make them
stronger. It also helps in making the hair thicker and healthier, improving elasticity, providing
nourishment and doing damage control.

• Improves scalp health: Dandruff is an uncomfortable and unsightly problem that can be curtailed
with the use of pure henna products as part of a treatment and is helpful in future prevention as
well. Since it has purifying properties, henna helps in the removal of grime and dirt from the scalp.
Its antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties work to naturally soothe your scalp.
Natural remedies and wellness products like henna have been part of wisdom handed down through
generations and have now expanded into their modern avatar. Available in various formulations, pure and organic henna is your best bet when it comes to true hair care and hair health benefits.

At Skon Henna, we believe in purity and maintaining the highest quality standards. Contact us for more
information on organic, herbal and low chemical henna products.