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Indigofera Tinctoria - Skon Henna

Indigo (Indigofera tinctoria), a natural herb, is a species of plant from the bean family and is also known as true Indigo. Indigo is used as a dye and for medicinal purposes also. It’s mainly grown in Asia and some parts of Africa.
Indigo powder is derived from crushing of the leaves of the plant.


Indigo Leaves - Skon Henna

Indigo plant grows in tropical regions and can be the best source of nutrients if it finds good soil fertility. Indigo can also grow in the hot and humid areas but again it depends upon the fertility of the soil.

True indigo is a shrub one to two meters high. It has light green pinnate leaves and pink or violet flowers. Organic dyes are made from the crushed leaves of the Indigo plant which contains some good natural properties that make it a medicinal plant too. Indigo plant is used to make dyes to colour fabrics in rich blue.


Indigo dye comes from crushed leaves of Indigo plant and is rich, dark blue in colour. It is used to colour not only your hair and beard but also almost all kind of blue denim, some fabrics, silk and wool. Indigo dye is a natural dye, unlike the synthetic dyes that we get nowadays. Indigo is filled with numerous natural ingredients that help strengthen and cover the greys of the hair. Thus it is the best alternative for all types of cosmetics.


Indigo hair dye is a natural way of colouring hair. You can make the hair as dark as you want without using any chemicals with indigo powder. Generally, to do this, there are two ways. People with light-coloured hair need a henna base, and those with darker hair can use indigo powder without a henna base.


Indigo and Henna powder - Skon Henna

Indigo powder is mostly used to get deep black hair or dark brown hair colour. There is a two-step process to get black hair with indigo powder for people with blonde, gray or white hair. For this, you first need to apply pure henna to the hair and wash it. Henna will dye your hair orange-red and then apply the indigo powder in the same way to get a deep black colour.

The colour pigment in the indigo powder works really well with the orange color of the henna that is already present in your hair by darkening it. If you have white or gray hair, you may not get any colour or a light blueish-colour by applying indigo powder without henna.

To get different shades of brown ( depending on the ratios of each powder), apply the mixture of pure henna powder and indigo powder.

Indigo powder is best used in combination with henna or after dying your hair with henna to get coloured hair naturally and also it will leave your hair shiny and lustrous.


  • It is used as a medicinal plant.
    Indigo has been an important constituent of the Indian Ayurvedic system. Indigo is the medicinal plant as it is filled with some antibiotic properties.
  • Indigo is used for dying pieces of Denim
    Indigo contains the blue tint that is used for colouring the denim. It gives a blue shade that lasts for long. It dyes the cotton the cloth and gives the denim a perfect blue shade.
  • Indigo dyes dye hair.
    Indigo grows with all the organic ingredients that can dye hair naturally in shades of black and brown.
  • It is also used for dyeing wool and silk.


Coloured Hair - Skon Henna

  1. Indigo powder is used as a hair dye.

    Indigo is used as a hair dye and indigo powder can provide you with a variety of hair colour shades to cover your gray hair. While it has a natural blue tint, you can experiment with a variety of shades as you mix the powder with henna. Depending on the proportions of your indigo-henna mixture, you can achieve shades of brown, black, mahogany, and more.

    You can dye your hair rich brown naturally by mixing indigo powder with pure henna powder. It gives a shiny black colour when applied on henna treated hair.

  2. Indigo powder is 100% natural.

    You can colour your hair without the use of harmful chemicals like ammonia, PPD, sulphate etc. Indigo is a 100% natural hair dye and does not harm your hair. It gives hair a wonderful shine to the hair. Indigo is a trusted natural hair dye as it is free from all kinds of chemicals.

  3. Prevents premature graying of hair.

    Indigo leaf powder is an amazing herbal remedy for premature hair greying as the pigments of Indigo leaves are rich with colouring properties. It can help in preventing premature graying of hair if used regularly.

  4. Prevents dandruff and other scalp infections.

    Dandruff is a very common hair problem that a lot of people face. As Indigo is free from ammonia, PPD, and other harmful chemicals, it cleanses hair gently and helps in preventing dandruff and other scalp infections.

  5. Indigo accelerates hair growth and treats baldness.

    The natural ingredients of indigo deeply nourish the scalp and keep the hair intact. By applying indigo regularly, the hair can grow faster and can also treat baldness.

  6. Indigo provides the required nourishment to the hair.

    Indigo powder conditions and nourishes the roots of the hair and makes every strand of hair stronger. Indigo powder prevents scalp infection and using it with coconut oil enriches the scalp with all the nutrients and makes hair more strong and healthy.

  7. Provides a cooling and soothing sensation.

    Indigo not only enhances the hair colour but also soothes your hair and scalp. It provides a cooling sensation which makes you feel relaxed and calms the mind.

  8. Makes your hair lustrous, thicker and manageable.

    Indigo powder makes your hair tangle-free that is easy to manage and also it provides a natural shine leaving your hair thicker and stronger.

Indigo powder among other pure herbs is a trusted natural hair dye and provides the above mentioned benefits and gives you an amazing option to colour hair naturally.

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