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Our Philosophy

Buddha Statue

We strongly believe that a business is an ecosystem which gets together lot of people together. It requires trust, values, promises to tie up and maintain relationships in this ecosystem. That’s how we look at it at SkonHenna. We hold immense respect and regard for both, our customers as well as our suppliers, vendors and employees. Having been in the business sector for long, for us it’s about enhancing the quality of life for all and making it more than just a business association.


As it happens in most business, the culture of the company has been shaped up largely by the director and founder of the company, Mr.Nirmal Nathany. He commands high respect and goodwill in the business sector. He is a firm believer in the Buddhist philosophy and its chant, “NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO.” The practice makes his vision strong as a businessman and keeps him going. It gives him strength to develop his business strong and keep it centred around the best practices only.


He believes that if there is positive energy and enthusiasm amongst the people across the company, it will also reflect in the products that the company offers and its conduct.

Our approach to business makes us always follow these practices:

  1. We encourage growth of all individuals by giving them fair opportunities.
  2. We want our employees to maintain a work-life balance and pay attention to their health as well as the health of their loved ones. Infact, you might catch our Director, Mr.Nirmal Nathany pushing employees every now and then to go for morning walks or do yoga regularly. After all, a healthy being will work whole-heartedly and efficiently always.
  3. We maintain extremely hygienic work conditions.
  4. The women in the team are encouraged, respected and given fair growth opportunities.
  5. We respect our commitments and always thrive to deliver the best quality products and services for our clients.
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