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Shikakai Powder: Uses and Benefits

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Shikakai Powder Benefits - Skon Henna

Shikakai is an amazing herb that is commonly found in the tropical forests of India. Shikakai is a powerful natural herbal plant that continues to be used by generation to generation. Shikakai also known as “Acacia Concinna” for many centuries now, has been used as hair care ingredient to clean their hair and reason is its numerous herbal properties. Shikakai is also known as the hair fruit as it provides numerous nutrients to the hair and accelerates growth. Shikakai contains high cleansing properties, thus it works best as a shampoo replacement. Shikakai is rich in antioxidants and vitamins like A, C, and K which helps in keeping the hair healthy and shiny.

The fruit pods of shikakai are dried under the sun and ground into a fine powder. Shikakai powder can be mixed with water and other herbs like amla and reetha powder and to make a paste for washing hair. Shikakai powder is used to treat various hair and scalp related issues. Also, the micronutrients found in shikakai help with hair nourishment. Shikakai helps with hair growth, lesser hair fall, and breakage and also helps bring the bounce and shine to the hair. Shikakai is also used in many Ayurvedic shampoos and soaps and the bark of shikakai contains a high level of saponins used as a foaming agent in many shampoos. Saponins are used as a mild cleansing agent that helps to get a clean and healthy scalp.


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1. Helps in bringing natural hair shine and softness.

Shikakai has various nutrients and natural ingredients present in it and is amazingly valuable in improving the surface of the hair in the winter season. Having properties of detergent and soap, it washes down the hair follicles, expels excess oil and makes the hair milder and shinier. Shikakai powder paste with honey gives gorgeous shiny hair.

2. Treats hair Lice and Dandruff.

Shikakai has the antifungal and anti-microbial property that helps in removing the hair lice and dandruff from the scalp. Shikakai also takes care of all the essential oils that are required to hair and prevents the scalp to get dry too much which can cause flaking and dandruff. Get rid of lice and dandruff by using shikakai powder. It can be mixed with other natural herbs like reetha or soapnut and amla powder.

3. Accelerates hair growth.

Shikakai contains active ingredients that provide essential oil and vitamins to the scalp that generates good hair growth. Shikakai powder helps in holding the hair roots and prevents them from split ends, breakage, and hair fall. Shikakai helps in fulfilling the desire of every man and woman of having shiny, lustrous and thick hair.

4. Helps in healing infections.

Shikakai has medicinal properties that give the head a calming and soothing effect. Shikakai is a natural herb that does not contain any kind of chemical and it is not like the other chemical shampoos, which may cause irritation on the inflamed or sensitive scalp, Shikakai powder provides a cooling effect and reduces the pain.

Shikakai - Skon Henna

5. Prevents greying of hair.

Not everybody likes grey hair, as they are quite depressing as it gives away your age. Shikakai helps in retaining the youthfulness of black hair colour naturally and prevent hair from premature greying. Shikakai powder absorbs easily into the hair and gives natural, darker, thicker and shiny hair.

6. Detangles the hair gently.

Tangled hair is the most frustrating part while combing your hair. Pulling your hair strands while combing can lead a lot of hair fall. Those knots might irritate you. Shikakai powder helps in uprooting your natural oil and nourishes your scalp from the core and that hair oil creates the detangling of your hair.

7. Shikakai is cheaper and better.

Most of the youngsters are facing the problem of hair fall and they spent plenty of their savings in buying various shampoos, conditioner and other products for preventing their hair from damages. Shikakai powder is enriched with numerous herbal ingredient that helps for the betterment of hair growth and is cost-effective too.

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