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Why Us

We are a young, certified organisation, driven by our vision and offer customised solutions for our buyers. We have a wide range of products and are involved in constant research to multiply our offerings. We are flexible in our approach and constantly update ourselves with knowledge about the products and techniques to put them to best use. Our vendor base comprises of reliable and experienced vendors and we operate at competitive prices.

Skon Henna

Skon Henna is the manufacturer and exporter of hair colors and hair care products of the highest quality. A strong business foundation and a respectable culture makes us the preferred choice for our buyers.

Our product range includes:

  • Pure Henna Powder – Henna powder in its purest form
  • Neutral Henna Powder – Colorless henna, known for conditioning and nourishing hair
  • 100% Natural Hair Colors – Hair colors that are a mix of henna and herbs and 100% free from chemicals
  • Henna Based Hair Colors – Ammonia free hair colors, one of the most popular collection for us
  • Indian Herbs – A wide selection of pure Indian Herbs
Quality Control Check

Our key strengths, which makes us a preferred choice for buyers all across the globe are:

• Fair business practices
We believe in ethical and fair business practices. Be it with our clients or our vendors, we believe in transparency in relationships and work to enhance not just business but also quality of life of all those associated with us. We believe in respecting and valuing a work-life balance for all our workforce.

• Wide range of products
We offer a wide range of products for our buyers to choose from and also constantly keep working to expand the choices available. Specially, our range of fast acting colors is well received and is appreciated by all.

• Active involvement of the key personnel
It is always said that an entrepreneur who starts the business has his energy rubbed off in the business and a business always requires constant nurturing. To ensure that the right energy is maintained they key personnel at Skon Henna, including the Director are actively involved in overseeing all business activities and process and ensure that all things are done in a timely and efficient manner.

• Highest quality of ingredients
We ensure that we procure and deliver only the highest quality of products. Due checks are maintained at all steps, including procurement of leaves from the native farms. Our team is trained to have a sharp eye in sorting leaves and processing and packaging the products with extreme care.

• Constant research and development to enhance our offerings
We have a young and dedicated team that is always enthusiastic to keep growing and improving. This makes us strong on our research and development front and we keep working to develop new products. We take our buyers requirements and market trends into consideration and keep going with development and findings of new products.

• A team driven by passion to achieve excellence
This is the key. We are extremely proud of our team and the fact that they consider the company as their family. We are bonded by trust and there is passion amongst people at all levels in the company to deliver the best and achieve excellence. We celebrate our achievements together and we strongly believe that all achievements are a result of the work put in by people at all levels in the organisation, regardless of the hierarchy.

• Customised packaging options
We not only provide safe and varied packaging options, but they are totally customised as per the requirements of our buyers. The sizes of pouches could range from 50 gms to 1 kg. We develop the outer packaging as per the design and brand guidelines provided by our buyers.

• Experience of exports
As an export house, we hold an experience of 30+ years where we have catered to buyers across all continents, including places like Chile, Johannesburg, Japan, London, United States of America, Germany, Spain, Australia and more. This makes us well-versed will all export practices, be it logistics, documentation, order processing or small things like managing time zones.

• Value for commitment
We value our commitment to our buyers and also our workforce. We ensure not just timely delivery of goods but also of the highest quality as promised.

• Addressing queries
We are available for constant support for our buyers. Be it the queries for use of products, related to exports, order processing, we are there to happily address them all.

• 100% GST compliant billing and HSN Code
We are regulated with our working. Our billings are compliant with the Goods and Services Tax (GST). We have in HSN code well in place.